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$5 Mini-Courses
(now there's no excuse)
"If you don’t have dreams and if you don’t know what you want,  you will
remain  a victim.  Instead of taking charge to make the things happen that
you desire, events that are
not your choice will continue to occur.  You  
will remain a pawn in everyone else’s game, instead of playing your own
game.  You need to make the rules for your life."
These affordable mini-courses can help you get started to achieve your dreams.  Stop waiting, stop whining,
stop dreaming and start doing.  Purchase these informative mini-courses and you will receive your digital file
within 24 hours.  You could be on the way to prosperity in one day!

Hi friend!

I know what it’s like to struggle.  I know how it feels to have dreams, with no idea where to start.  I know how
fear can hold you back and keep you right where you are.  I also know that the only way to fly is to jump up
and spread your wings.  I know that success only comes to those who take action.  And I know that there are
incredible opportunities waiting for anyone who makes the effort.

I've created these mini-courses to help you take action towards achieving success.  The one thing I can
guarantee is that you must do something, if you want to have a better life.  Just like if you want to win the
lottery, you must buy a ticket.

The information provided here is readily available on the Internet, but we created these mini-courses to
help you get started right away.  My personal goal is to help as many people as possible, so you can have
the freedom, like I have with my own businesses.  Life is never going to be perfect, but why not take charge
and make it as good as it gets?

Don’t let the changing world pass you by.  Make a mark on the future by starting today.  Now you have no
excuse not to do it.  

Best wishes,
Kellie Nicholson
Looking for:
Start a Food Delivery Service
Sell Wholesale Products Online
Sell Your Photographs
Understanding Business Terms
Partnership in Business

Know When to Walk Away
Healthy Communication
Anger Management
Maintaining Fidelity

Puppy Pointers
Pet First Aid
Dog Nutrition
Cat Nutrition
Train Your Cat

How to Land an Agent
Make Extra Money Doing "Extra" Work
Sing Your Way to the Bank
The Actor's Guide to Hollywood
The Tourists Guide to Hollywood
Best of Hollywood
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Crowd Funding Options

Produce Talent Contests

Instead of watching them on television, be a part of making dreams come
true.  This mini-course is a great value that includes all you need to get
started producing your own talent contests for profit.       
Another wonderful door the Internet has opened is crowd funding.  Learn
about some of the best options to raise funds for your artistic, philanthropic
or business venture.
14 Habits of Skinny People



14 Habits of Happy People

Publish Your Book for Free

Sick of dieting?  This information is no secret, but it will help you establish
a goal weight and incorporate life-style changes into your daily routine.  
The weight comes off effortlessly and without deprivation.
Learn how to use the Internet to professionally publish your books for
free.  Whether you want to publish and print only one gift book or if you
have a novel in you, this information will get you on your way.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Learning decision-making skills will help you throughout life.  This technique,
used by psychologist and family counselor, Jalee Carder, MAMFT, will teach
you how to approach important decisions.
Create a Free Website

Write Your Way to Cash

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
There are certain attitudes and behaviors common to most successful
people.  Learn these 14 habits and your road to success might not be
far off.
Living a happy life can be a choice.  There will always be obstacles and
challenges, but if you learn how to see the good in everything, you will be
This information compares the many free web hosting services and
enhancements, most of which are free of charge and often include simple
If you enjoy writing, or if you are an expert on a topic, then you may find
many ways to make extra money or even find a new career in writing
about your interests.
Nightclub Business Plan

Plan the Perfect Date

This business plan for a nightclub will help you in planning your new
business and to get investors.
Using a fill-in-the-blank form, you can plan a perfect experience or date
for a loved one.
Men, Make Women Worship You
Delicious Party Cocktails

Couple Tiffany Michaels and Thor Kingston offer tips for men when
courting, seducing and pleasing women.  This mini-course includes
graphic sexual details in addition to dating rituals.
Instructions to make a variety of original cocktails, in addition to old
favorites, frozen, punches, non-alcoholic, mojitos, jello shots and
Budget That Works

Use this formula to calculate what you should be paying for each
individual expense according to your monthly income.  This exercise will
teach you how to budget your money no matter how much you have.